Community Project Reports

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Colorado Family Leaders from across the state graduated from the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI), a first-of-its-kind family civics program in June every year. They have awakened the leader within and have demonstrated readiness to make change happen on behalf of children and families.

The graduates of FLTI have completed a rigorous 20-week curriculum, and have implemented an individual community project. The graduates have applied skills learned into their respective projects, resulting in positive impact in their community. The community projects are outstanding, including topics that address:

  • Community gardening projects to increase awareness of nutrition, wellness and self-sufficiency
  • Wellness projects that focus on increasing physical activity for children
  • Promoting peer-to-peer support for youth with Autism
  • Strengthening families through “family fun night” and community based events
  • Access to training, resources and support for parents who have children with special needs
  • Teen moms becoming community leaders
  • Literacy programs for families with young children to help families and kids, just to name a few

Families are a horizontal thread in vertical systems and have much to offer regarding strategies for quality improvement. They are content experts who bring cultural diversity and experiential knowledge to policy discussions. Thank you for doing your part to assure that the constituency of families will no longer be missing when decisions are made that impact children and families.

With your continued partnership, Colorado will sustain excellence in the communities currently offering FLTI and expand to additional communities. I appreciate you holding the vision that families in Colorado will engage in the civic process by mobilizing the promise of democracy.

Download the 2013 Community Project Report.

Download the 2014 Community Project Report .