Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp




Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp
Monday, March 25 to Friday, March 29
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Firefly offers an intensive 5-day week of social skills instruction embedded within a fun, group format. With the structure of a school day, and the fun activities of a camp, Firefly strives to provide a naturalistic setting for a high rate of social learning opportunities for kids on the autism spectrum, or for children with social deficits. Social learning opportunities will be embedded within activities that occur typically within a camp setting, such as music, arts and crafts, cooperative projects, outdoor games, and technology driven activities.

Firefly’s intensive social skills SpringBreak camp is developed to meet the social and emotional needs of elementary aged children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and/or Asperger Syndrome. Utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, camp staff  help campers effectively express feelings, communicate with others, and develop and maintain friendships in a positive, comfortable environment. A wide range of objectives are covered each day of camp, including Body Language Skills, Play Skills, Conversational Skills, Perspective-Taking & Theory of Mind Skills. Firefly is dedicated to helping campers have fun while gaining confidence in their abilities to interact with peers and make friends within the camp, as well as outside of the camp setting.

Data are collected for each child per camp day for all targeted objectives in order to determine whether progress is being made or if remediation on any particular skill or teaching methodology is necessary.

Intake Process & Placement

During our intake process, Firefly collaborates with parents/guardians and the child (if applicable) to formulate individual goals focusing on the child’s social skill deficits. After the initial consultation and intake, parents/guardians will receive a list of group objectives that will be targeted and any additional recommended individual objectives. For clients already receiving services through Firefly, a modified intake process may occur.

Firefly strives to ensure optimal progress and outcomes for children enrolled in the Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp. Therefore, best attempts are made based on intake information to place children into camp groupings with other students who need to focus on similar objectives, as well as those who have similar repertoires, functioning levels, and compatible interests in order to additionally foster potential friendships.  Children who are placed in the Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp also need to be able to function in a small group setting (at least a 1:2 teacher to student ratio).  In order to maintain successful outcomes for children enrolled in the Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp, Firefly cannot guarantee that a child who has gone through an intake process will be able to be placed into an Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp.

If there is no appropriate placement for a child who has gone through the intake process, he or she will be notified when an appropriate placement becomes available and other possible treatment options will be discussed (such as ongoing social skills groups, 1:1 social skills instruction, or facilitated play-dates).  Once a child is successfully placed into an Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp, the camp will focus on 5-10 objectives common to all participants throughout the duration of the intensive 5-day week session.

Camp Schedule & Expectations

Camp will meet on a daily basis for 5 consecutive days from 8:30am to 4:30pm at Firefly Autism House.  Camps consist of approximately 3-4 children with 2 staff members , and campers are expected to attend for the whole 5-day week.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camps, please contact Emily Roche at 303-759-1192 ext 12 or to discuss this process. If you would like additional information about the Intensive Social Skills SpringBreak Camp, please contact our Social Skills Program Coordinator & Outreach Director, Jenny Blankenship at 303-759-1192 ext 12 with questions, or via email at

Please download the flyer for more information!


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