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The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) is a first-of-its-kind family civics program.
Program graduates spend more than 120 hours to develop skills needed to become effective leaders in their communities. Once recruited and accepted into the program, these emerging community leaders participate in a 20-week curriculum that integrates personal and child development, leadership training, civic literacy and civic participation skills. The curriculum is based on the evidence based curriculum copyrighted by the Connecticut Commission on Children known as the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) and is offered in Colorado through an interstate partnership between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Connecticut Commission on Children.  The curriculum features four components: an initial retreat, two 10-week sessions that focus on knowledge about the change process, skill building, and tools of civic engagement and a personally developed community project.

Who the Families are:
Family participants represent the demographics of the State of Colorado. Their ages span from teens to grandparents raising grandchildren. They are single parents, aunts, uncles, stepparents, foster and adoptive families, active community members and others concerned about improving systems for children. Classes are comprised of 20-25 people.

Families as Beneficiaries:
There is no single or special interest policy agenda underlying FLTI. The goal is to dignify the role of families as change agents within community and government by building their capacity. Families use the tools developed to address social policy issues that are of concern to them. Families are taught the tenets of democracy and their rights to utilize government optimally in the best interest of children, families and their community as a whole. Public policy, media and outreach are demystified and fully explained. Quite simply, the families who are trained, their children and those touched by their growing leadership, are the beneficiaries.

Civic Partnerships:

Change happens on behalf of children and families when authentic partnerships are cultivated and sustained. FLTI promotes civic partnerships that draw on the strengths of the individual members while remaining sensitive to the different cultures from which the members come. FLTI promotes public support for partnerships through connections to families, businesses, faith leaders, elected officials, community organizers, state & local government and philanthropists.