Local FLTI Team

Components of PLTI

The local FLTI team consists of:

1)       Local Civic Design Team

  1. Reflects the local community
  2. Focus on civics not service
  3. Diverse

2)       A Fiscal/Sponsoring Agency

  1. Connects to local civics
  2. Understands the value of partnering with families, versus servicing families
  3. Politically neutral
  4. Commits to sustainability
  5. Respects and adheres to the FLTI curriculum and core values
  6. Coordinates and processes funding sources
  7. Negotiates with Site Coordinator about work space and equipment
  8. Processes payments and required contracts with Facilitators and Site Coordinator

3)       Site Coordinator

  1. This is the ‘glue person’
  2. Needs to be trained/credentialed by National PLTI
  3. Excellent community organizing and relationship skills

4)       Skilled Facilitators

Teams of four (4): Two for Phase I and Two for Phase II

  • Phase I – the first 10 weeks including a retreat to develop group, define mission and help build a community of family leaders.
  • Phase II – the second 10 weeks teaching the fundamentals of change through a substantive civic toolkit on how change occurs for children and families.
  1. Must be trained/credentialed by Colorado FLTI State Team
  2. Distinct skill set for each Phase
  3. Recognized in the community as an experienced facilitator and trained on the FLTI Curriculum
  4. Recognizes adult learning styles (not teaching participants to become leaders but rather extracting the existing leaders within.)