The Curriculum

FLTI Class Schedule

WEEK:                 CLASS TITLES:

Retreat              Creating a Caring Community for Children

Week 1              Thriving with Diversity in the Group Process

Week 2              The Change Process

Week 3              Parents as Change Agents

Week 4              How to Define a Problem and Work Toward a Solution

Week 5              The Intentional Use of Language

Week 6              Learning how a Community Works

Week 7              How Local Systems Work and How to Interact With Them

Week 8              Networks

Week 9              The Power of the Media and How to Use it 

Week 10            Using Your Voice 

Week 11            The Life Cycle of a Child and the Functions of the Family

Week 12            Social and Economic Trends Affecting Children and Families

Week 13            What is Public Policy?

Week 14            How the State Works

Week 15            How the City Works 

Week 16            How do we Understand the Law

Week 17            Budgets – From Wallets to State –  It’s all Money and Priorities

Week 18            Evaluation, Outcomes and Accountability

Week 19            Forming New Alliances  – The Magic of the Unexpected

Week 20            Language: Packaging and Moving Agendas

Graduation     Local Graduation Ceremony

Graduation     Statewide Graduation Ceremony

 *Completion of a community project is required.


For more information contact:
Kyle Christensen